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(Technical Assistance in Financial Sector's Priority Areas, Ukraine)

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Project Beneficiaries:

Ministry of Finance



The Project is funded
by the EU:

The Project is implemented
by consortium led by
Human Dynamics:

Job Opportunities

EU-FINSTAR (Technical Assistance in the Ukrainian Financial Sector's Priority Areas) is looking to fill short-term consulting positions with individuals possessing knowledge and expertise in the following areas:

- data/process flow modeling, data integration
- information system architecture
- collection and analysis of monetary and financial statistics
- macro-prudential supervision for systemic risks
- capital control liberalisation
- Ukrainian national accounting standards vesus IFRS standards
- Investor compensation schemes
- Basel II/Pillar 2 EU implementation approaches (ICAAP, SREP, RAP)

Only experts that comply with the following requirements will be considered:

Qualification and skills

• University diploma or equivalent (for some experts, a post-graduate degree may be required);

• Fluency in English (written and spoken);

• Good command of Ukrainian or Russian language will be an asset.

General professional experience

• Preferably more than 10 years of general professional experience in skilled jobs (in public sector, international co-operation, financial sector, business administration or equivalent).
• Preferably more than 8 years professional experience in one of the areas listed above.


Please send your CV+cover letter to


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