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Financial Market News

16 January, 15:39
NBU Publishes 2020 Action Plan
The National Bank of Ukraine has put its 2020 Action Plan into the public domain. The action plan is a road map for implementing the central bank’s mid-term Strategy in the current year. Approved in 2018, the Strategy ensures transparency, predictability, and consistency of the NBU’s activities, while annual roadmaps are the benchmarks for measuring its efficiency and the basis for reporting to the public, customers, and stakeholders. The new 2020 Action Plan identifies priority ... more...
16 January, 15:32
Financial Market Regulators Approve Strategy of Ukrainian Financial Sector Development until 2025
The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), the National Securities and Stock Market Commission (NSSMC), the National Commission for Regulation of Financial Services Markets (NCFS), the Deposit Guarantee Fund (DGF), and the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine (hereinafter – the regulators) have approved the Strategy of Ukrainian Financial Sector Development until 2025. The goal of the Strategy is to ensure that the reform and development of Ukraine’s financial sector moves forward in line with ... more...
10 January, 15:27
NBU Inflation Update for 2019
According to data released by the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, consumer inflation slowed from 9.8% in 2018 to 4.1% in 2019. Thus, last year the NBU achieved its medium-term inflation target of 5% ± 1 pp, which the central bank announced from 2015, and which was set out in the NBU’s Monetary Policy Guidelines for 2019 and the Medium Term.  The fall in inflation to its target seen in 2019 mainly resulted from the NBU’s consistent monetary policy  aiming to deliver price ... more...
10 January, 15:23
Bank Limits on Foreign Exchange Position to Double
The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) will double the limits on foreign exchange long and short positions of banks to 10% of the regulatory capital. This will expand banks transaction options on the interbank FX market by USD 400 million, and increase their role in alleviating excessive rate fluctuations on the account of bank position. According to the NBU estimates, preliminary increase in limits on foreign exchange position of banks in mid-2018 had no negative effect on the FX market of ... more...
08 January, 15:20
Ukraine’s International Reserves Increase to a Seven-Year High in 2019
In 2019, international reserves rose by 22% and as of 1 January 2020 came in at USD 25.3 billion (in the equivalent). This amount not only exceeded the latest forecast for reserves (USD 23 billion in the equivalent) published by the NBU in its October 2019 Inflation Report, but also reached a seven-year high - reserves were higher only back in December 2012. The NBU was able to increase its international reserves by a total of USD 4.5 billion over the year thanks to persisting favorable ... more...
27 December, 12:41
The National Bank Has Published Results of Resilience Assessment for Individual Banks
The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has published results of bank resilience assessment for individual banks. See section Banking Supervision for data. The resilience assessment comprises asset quality review (AQR), and stress tests for the largest banks. This year, 29 banks were stress tested; combined, they account for over 90% of the banking sector assets. Earlier this year, the NBU published macroeconomic assumptions for both baseline and adverse scenarios. ... more...
17 December, 15:18
Ukrainian Banking Sector Is in a Good Shape and Macroeconomic Environment Promotes Resumption of Long-Term Lending
Ukrainian banking sector is profitable, well-capitalized and is in a good shape overall, while the macroeconomic environment promotes financial system stability. Low cost of credit risks, acceptable debt burden on businesses and fast growth of households' incomes facilitate resumption of long-term lending. However, rapid increase of unsecured consumer lending may pose risks. In order to limit the increase of these risks, the National bank of Ukraine (NBU) plans to increase risk weights for those loans. These ... more...
13 December, 13:14
NBU November 2019 Inflation Update
In November 2019, consumer inflation declined sharply in annual terms to 5.1% (down from 6.5% in October).In monthly terms, prices grew by 0.1%. This is according to data published by the State Statistics Service of Ukraine (SSSU). The November inflation slowdown was more significant than in the projected trajectory published in the NBU’s October 2019 Inflation Report. The stronger hryvnia, coupled with lower global energy prices and expanded supply of certain ... more...
12 December, 15:10
NBU to Change Reserve Requirements to Decrease Loan Rates and Dedollarize the Economy
As of 10 March 2020, reserve requirements for banks will depend on the currency of deposits rather than on terms of deposits, as at present. For hryvnia deposits a zero rate will be set for the reserve requirement, and 10% – for FX deposits. This will foster two strategic goals of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU): bank lending and depolarization of the economy. “The NBU believes that changing the reserve raising procedure will not only lower dollarization of deposits but will also ... more...
12 December, 15:08
NBU Cuts Key Policy Rate to 13.5%
The Board of the National Bank of Ukraine has decided to cut the key policy rate to 13.5% per annum effective 13 December 2019. The NBU speeds up the monetary policy easing, as the rapid appreciation of the hryvnia makes inflationary pressures decline faster than expected. In November 2019, consumer inflation decreased sharply, reaching 5.1% yoy, which was below the NBU’s latest forecast. In such a way, inflation reached the medium-term target of 5%, set by the NBU in 2015.  more...
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